78 Day Thoth Class

If you have not yet wandered the streets of Tarot Town it is about time you did. You will feel most welcome there. More on that another time. For now I want to tell you about the 78 Day Thoth Class that is presently available. The free 78-day class covers the Thoth Tarot deck for divination and self-discovery, and as an expression of Aleister Crowleys philosophy, Thelema (meaning “Will”). It is easy to sign up for free standard membership of Tarot Town.

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2 Responses to 78 Day Thoth Class

  1. deblucas007 says:


    Like your site, I’d like to subscribe please.


    • stella luna says:

      Hello Deb… many thanks for your compliments! I have added a subscription button on the right hand side of the page 🙂

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