Tarosophy Tarot Town

Tarot Town is the community vision of Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals and the streets are buzzing. There you will find the best and the brightest stars of Tarot sharing and teaching Tarot with lessons from leading teachers and authors including Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Lon Milo Duquette and Marcus Katz amongst others! And with over 5000 Tarot lovers in town it is easy to make friends. Chat online, practice readings and join various Tarot groups. There is so much to discover in Tarot Town you’ll find it hard to leave!

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2 Responses to Tarosophy Tarot Town

  1. Loretto says:

    Don’t bother with Tarosophy Tarot Town. It’s a scam. I signed up, paid my membership fee for the first month and… there’s nothing going on. The forums are dead, most of them look like there has been no activity for months. Any activity that is more recent than that is usually by a new member who has made a post and never gotten a reply. Who has There are some good lessons, but you can find just as good, if not better, for free if you have good search engine skills. After my first day of wandering around in search of content, or at least somebody to socialize with, I clicked on the Feedback tab and basically asked what I’m paying $5.00 a month for, and said that I was going to do the lessons that I was able to access (which in total are about worth a $5.00 one-time fee) and cancel my membership.

    So now, they’ve blocked my access. After one day. Because I made a complaint. And I paid them money, which is non-refundable.
    Near as I can figure, Tarot Town exists to drive traffic to Tarot Professionals, which costs a lot more to join and has a lot of really expensive lessons to sell you. So basically the fish has to pay for the bait it was hooked with…

    • stella luna says:

      Hi Loretto, sorry for late reply. I have not actually accessed tarot town for a long time. It used to be a hive of activity when it started up. Sorry to hear you have been treated unfairly, I don’t think they like negative feedback! Yes, TP sure are trying to take over the tarot world in some ways. I think they are taking on too much at the expense of their membership. I am too busy these days to be involved and keep more to myself and my own tarot community.

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