Tarosophy Tarot Degree Adventure

I have just enrolled for the 2-year Tarosophy Hekademia Tarot Degree. The work produced by Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals is never anything short of innovative and exciting and the course materials sound absolutely incredible! I am excited to be undertaking this adventure. Enrollments are presently being taken for the first 2012 cohort which will be commencing January 29th 2012.

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6 Responses to Tarosophy Tarot Degree Adventure

  1. Bryan Van Donslear says:

    Just curious as to what you think of the program now that you’ve begun it?

    • stella luna says:

      Bryan, I am only a short way into it, yet have already been exposed to a great deal of information. About to commence more hands on modules soon which all sound excellent 🙂

  2. papadylanan says:

    I realize it’s only been a few more months since you last commented on how you feel the course is going, but would you mind giving us an update. I’m thinking of enrolling for September, and I want to get as much info from students as possible beforehand. Thanks!

    • stella luna says:

      Hi, the course is excellent, with various modules you can select from. I have had to put my studies on hold due to personal reasons but hope to return to them down the track.

  3. mundana says:

    I´m also interested in joining the course. Anyone can tell me more about it? thanks in advance

  4. stella luna says:

    Hi, this link will give you info on the course…

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