The Tarosophy Tarot Convention 2012

20-21 October 2012
Hilton Garden Inn, Dallas USA

Are you ready to see the future of Tarot and discover its most ancient mysteries?

The Tarosophy TarotCon 2012 promises to be a major Tarot event with some of the world’s leading speakers, teachers, presenters, artists and authors of Tarot. Guest M.C. Dan Donche and after dinner speaker James Wells are joined by a star-studded line-up of presenters including Barbara Moore, Bob O’ Neill, Mary K. Greer, Carrie Paris, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Robert M. Place and Marcus Katz. There will also be additional evening Tarot workshops by Enrique Enriquez, Katrina Wynne, Paul Nagy, Dr. Art Rosengarten, Jaymi Elford, Mike Hernandez and Beth Sellenon.

If that isn’t enough enticement another major Tarot research discovery will also be announced… what could it be? Where were you when the world of Tarot changed?

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