Full Moon in Cancer

This particular full moon sees the moon turning full in the sign that she rules, Cancer. Keywords for the sign of Cancer are “I feel”, so this is bound to be an emotionally charged full moon. Watery emotions may flow so it could be wise to spend it in the company of those we love, and in an environment that makes us feel comfortable and secure.

Cancer is the sign of home and family life, and this is the perfect full moon to hold our loved ones in our arms, truly appreciate them for who they are and to acknowledge the special love that is shared. Often day-to-day existence is so rushed it makes it hard to stop and really let someone know how much we love and appreciate them. Today is the day to take the time to cherish our closest relationships and to speak the words of love we need to make heard.

The nurturing side of Cancer loves to care for everything close to the heart, be it family, friends or their environment, including the home. Perhaps there would be nothing better this full moon than to declutter and beautify the home, set the table with some fresh flowers, light some candles and cook a special dinner for our closest loved ones. And for those who already represent the nurturing mother archetype in our lives, perhaps the greatest gift of all would be to let them put their feet up while others prepare something special for them.

The full moon in Cancer is also the perfect opportunity to confront old wounds and find ways for them to heal, whether it be cleansing our own wounds or helping to release emotional suffering from within another. Wherever conflicts and estrangements may exist, let’s find the compassion of the moon in Cancer to take steps toward forgiveness and reconciliation. And for those with hearts that are in turmoil, to look for the beauty that is around and within and know the sun will rise at a new dawn, and we only need to open our hearts and minds to let it in.

In all these ways we not only spread love but nurture ourselves. As we embrace the feminine receptive and sensitive qualities of Cancer this full moon let’s not forget to take the time to nurture and love ourselves. As it’s only when we love ourselves that we can really love another and that in turn the love vibration overflows into the universe. On this full moon of the heart let’s open our hearts to peace and love in all its dimensions.

Stella Luna © 2012 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.




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