Full Moon in Leo

Charismatic and creative Leo is a sign of pure exuberance. Vital and enthusiastic, the full moon in Leo is a time to embrace the energy and enthusiasm being made available to us.

The full moon in fiery Leo is the moon to inspire and spark creativity and so it is the perfect full moon to express ourselves creatively, to experiment and have fun. This can be done alone, sure, but in true Leo style we could take the lead and gather together a group of like-minded souls to share the creative energy this full moon brings. As a group activity proof of each person’s individuality will emerge right before our eyes.

This full moon we are asked to embrace our personal power in positive ways. By committing ourselves to become who we truly are. To believe in ourselves and all that we stand for and to stride toward the successes we desire. With regal Leo in the role of leader this is the full moon to take the stage and be heard.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo natives need to shine, seeking validation and admiration from those around them. Yet this can have its negative aspects. The full moon in Leo can highlight the traits of pride and vanity. With focus on self and ego identity strong this Leo full moon we run the risk of indulging in outfits and extravagance that we are led to believe will make us more “beautiful”. Attention seeking Leo loves to bask in the limelight and tend toward lavish spending to keep up appearances. So take caution with spending, but at the same time let’s rejoice in our beauty and enjoy ourselves. A little preening will certainly not go astray.

Especially as the full moon in Leo is the purrfect moon for a party. Witty and vivacious Leo is the ideal host, generous and entertaining. A lover of pleasure and passion in all its forms, the Leo moon may also bring the flame of love, so for some perhaps an intimate candlelit dinner for two is a much more appropriate way to soak up the moon’s energy.

Exuberance, passion and creativity aside, the generous and caring Leo nature will also be there to embrace this full moon. There are so many positive qualities of Leo for us to adopt. The energy of this moon promises to be beautiful one, and just like Leo natives, memorable. However we choose to celebrate it, this is a moon where we are encouraged to express ourselves and to shine!

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.




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