Full Moon in Taurus

The earthy and grounded sign of Taurus is in touch with its surroundings and at one with nature. This full moon is the perfect time get in touch with the wonders of nature all around us and to marvel in its bounty. Too often it is taken for granted. Here we are reminded to really look at the beauty of the earth all around us. But not only look, to also actually get out into nature and spend time with it. To take the time to “smell the roses”.

By taking the time to appreciate the true beauty that surrounds us it may also enhance a perception of the true value of our earth and trigger a real responsibility to preserve it. This is a perfect full moon to think about the part we each play in protecting the environment and about what changes we could implement on a personal level to nurture this precious Mother Earth and in turn all future generations.

As we embrace this full moon by spending time in nature we are presented with the opportunity of experiencing a true sense of calm and grounding. The full moon in grounded Taurus is telling us to slow down. Our Taurean bull does not like to be rushed but rather to quietly graze in his exquisite pastures. In this environment we are able to quietly make rational and methodical plans for our future rather than running “bull at a gate”.

The concept of grazing is apt for this upcoming full moon. The seeds planted on the Aries full moon have now produced nourishing crops. The full moon in Taurus is the perfect moon to set the table, invite the company of family and friends and spend time leisurely savouring a banquet together. The sign of Taurus is one that enjoys the pleasures of family and friends, great food, luxurious surroundings and all sensory pleasures such as art, music and touch. So this full moon we are asked to treat our senses to something special.


Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.




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