Full Moon in Virgo

The symbol for Virgo, the Virgin, represents modesty, integrity and industriousness.
It also stands for purity of purpose, sowing the seeds of knowledge and life skills which can be harvested – just like her sheaf of wheat – in order to nourish ourselves and others. Virgo’s deep desire to be of service to others often finds them in the caring professions. This is the perfect full moon to embrace the energy of healing and service, to take on the role of healer and consider how we may better nourish ourselves and those around us.

The full moon in Virgo focuses attention on bodily health. This full moon let’s listen to our bodies and attend to any areas that need addressing in order to eliminate and prevent dis-ease. It is the moon to establish positive intentions and goals for beneficial change in relation to health issues. Are there any checkups overdue? What can we do for ourselves that will contribute towards an overall sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being?

As the sign of work and self-improvement, Virgos are perfectionists with acute attention to detail, organisation, efficiency, common sense, neatness and order. This full moon is a time to look over our “to do” lists and take on the tasks that have been neglected. The words “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” were written with Virgo in mind. This is also a time to solve the problems that have been eluding us, by using logic and reason to cut through any muddled thinking.

Financial security is of upmost importance to Virgo. “Money does matter” and no-one is better than a Virgo for managing their financial affairs and staying within a budget. This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the energy of the practical, analytical Virgo moon in order to get on top of any financial affairs that are less than ideal. This moon’s clarity and grounded reality-based thinking can help us put the right plans in place to succeed.

But don’t despair, this full moon is certainly not “all work and no play”. The sensual earth sign Virgo loves being pampered. Why not reward ourselves for all the positive goals that we have put in place under the Virgo moon’s energy and get a well-deserved massage or take a relaxing soak in some luxurious bath oils.

The earthy Virgo full moon is a wonderful time to get outdoors, find a part of the world that speaks magically to us and then get to know it intimately: touch it, smell it, hear it, see it. Meanwhile we can consider the role we play in looking after our planet and the ways we may be able to put healing energy into the earth.

The full moon in Virgo will add earthy weight to all of our intentions. We have an opportunity to make real mindful enquiry about who we truly are and the highest visions we have for our lives. We can then put the goals in place that will lead us to realising our unbounded potential. The trick is to make realistic goals and then stick with them, long after this full moon has passed.

Stella Luna © 2011 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.




2 Responses to Full Moon in Virgo

  1. Robert says:

    Hello, Stella,
    You have a truly nice blog here. I hope that mine will soon look half as professionally created as yours. In the interim, it just looks rushed and sort of cheesy (lol). Maybe you can give me some ideas! http://www.brobrobiz.net

    • stella luna says:

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your compliment! I think your blog looks fine and may only need something like a more appropriate background if your template allows one?

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