Infusing Crystals With Tarot Archetypes

With the next full moon fast approaching I thought I’d talk about crystal infusion. Often, at full moon, I use the moon’s energy to infuse a Tarot archetype into a crystal for a particular purpose that I require at that time such as healing, strength, energy, vision or whatever purpose it may be.

There are particular Major Arcana cards that work alongside each astrological Sign. For example, the full moon in Sagittarius relates to Temperance, and it is ruled by Jupiter which is The Wheel of Fortune. Working with these cards will be particularly powerful at that full moon, however when infusing archetypes it is possible to use whichever Major Arcana card is appropriate for your intent, so long as it aligns with the lunar energies of that particular full moon.

It is best if the energy of the upcoming full moon complements the intention of the infusion. Each full moon I look at the energies that are available to me. I may find that the energies are suitable for my needs or decide to wait for a future moon, or I may find something else of benefit to me and modify my intention and work with that instead. The main thing is that the intention and the lunar energies align with each other.

If I find the moon’s energy is suitable for my needs I select a Major Arcana card to complement that purpose. The next thing is to find a crystal that works with that particular card. There are many options out there and you will find a list of the most popular correspondences here. That said, there are no hard and fast rules, and if a particular crystal speaks to you, go for it.

Once a crystal has been selected it needs to be prepared for the infusion. Generally people find their own personal rituals for these kinds of practices and there is no right or wrong form of ritual. I can only share my process. My infusion ritual runs over four nights in order to produce a permanent infusion. Two nights prior to full moon I prepare the crystal. I wash my crystal in a mixture of sea salt and spring water and soak overnight. If you can get hold of sea water that’s even better. Do not use salt for friable crystals such as raw quartz. Polished stones are generally okay. If you are not sure just use springwater. Sea water is safe for all crystals. Alternatively, you could purchase a purpose-made crystal cleanser.

The next day is the night before full moon, and is the first of three nights of archetype infusion. I pour the water that soaked the crystal where nothing will grow, rinse the crystal and wipe it with a cotton or silk cloth. I then run it through the smoke of a smudge stick, usually something like white sage, rosemary, cedar or lavender. You could also pass it through the light of a candle, or some frankincense, sandlewood or myrrh incense. I carefully clean the Major Arcana card then place it on a window ledge where it will catch the light of the moon. It is best to keep them indoors so they don’t get affected by the elements.

After placing the crystal on top it is time to ask for the cards essence to enter the crystal. Have your intention clear in your mind. I usually acknowledge the card and the crystal and repeat the intention three times. I do this each night for the three nights, the night before, of and after full moon. The moon draws the energy of the card up into the crystal, filling it with the essence of the archetype.

For a less permanent infusion you could just place the card and crystal under the full moon that one night. That in itself would be enough to be beneficial for a temporary infusion.

I often wear my crystals in a ‘cage’ necklace that are available from beading or crystal shops so I can carry their energy with me.

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.


6 Responses to Infusing Crystals With Tarot Archetypes

  1. VIRGOGIRL68 says:


    • stella luna says:

      Thank you Karen! I am glad you got something from it. Crystals have such wonderful energy… happy exploring 🙂

  2. betty says:

    thank that was great to read and i am gong to try that. what can you not do with the crystal and cards because you can do something and there is always something you should not do. just asking thanks a milllion

  3. stella luna says:

    Betty, I really do not think there are rules. So long as something feels right for you, and is being done for the highest good. Crystals and the Tarot cards really do work beautifully together… Just be clear about what you hope to achieve, and have a play 🙂

  4. ShubhraTarot says:

    I just keep my crystals in moon light on full moon for them to get charges. Next time I will try your Tarot Infusion ritual.

  5. ShubhraTarot says:

    Check my blog here, do post comments/like if you like it

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