Strength and The Sun

The full moon in Leo corresponds with the Major Arcana card Strength. Leo is ruled by the Sun which is, appropriately, linked to the card The Sun.

Strength (Leo) is often depicted as a maiden gently subduing a lion. The card stresses the need for discipline and control, the taming of our desire natures, known as the id, as represented by the lion. The woman represents the ego, the higher mind, and the knowledge of what is right and respectable. The two can be in constant battle and it is this inner battle which is the theme of the Strength card.

The Sun (The Sun) provides us with warmth and life and symbolises the need to shine. The Sun represents vitality, consciousness, potential and the essence of self, very much the traits of our warm, fiery Leo and themes of our Sun card in the Tarot.

The Sun asks us to become conscious of self, the pure essence of our being, our true identity, and to express ourselves accordingly. The Sun is also representative of the ego, individuality, the power of self and the conscious will and so also urges us not to ignore the power within us.

With Strength alongside The Sun the Tarot may be asking us to embrace our leonine qualities without losing control to impulses and desires that will not serve us well.

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.




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