The Star and The Fool

The upcoming full moon is in Aquarius, the water bearer, which corresponds with the Major Arcana card The Star. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which is linked to The Fool.

The Star card is often depicted as a maiden with one foot in water and one on the earth, pouring water from jugs to the earth and pool below. She is the water bearer, also the symbol of the sign of Aquarius. Her water makes the earth fertile, enabling new growth, new life, and her energy brings with it great optimism, faith and hope. The Star shines a guiding light to help us find our path and to get to our destination. She asks us to find the light within ourselves, to find enlightenment and insight into finding our true path in life. As when we do, our life with duly flourish.

Just as Uranus is the planet of change so to is its corresponding card, The Fool. The Fool strikes out on a new journey and he reminds us that when there is a strong desire for change we must let go of any fear that will stop us taking the new path. When the status quo no longer satisfies we must take on The Fool’s energy, to believe in ourselves and the future and head into the unknown with excitement and anticipation.

With The Star alongside The Fool, the Tarot asks us to find our guiding light in order to find our true path, and to have the optimism and courage to take the first steps into the unknown. As we step off the edge of the precipice the Star’s soft light will guide us to our destination.

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.




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