Space Clearing Mist

Space clearing has been practiced in every culture throughout human history. Native Americans use drums, rattles and burning herbs in their rituals, while the Chinese use gongs, chanting, and incense. In medieval Europe, salt and prayers cleared energy, and in the Middle East smouldering resins such as frankincense and myrrh have been used to invite blessings into a home. Scandinavians have a tradition of fastidious cleaning and clearing every spring. The methods and the tools have varied from one culture to another, but the intent has been the same – to create harmony, balance, and nourishing environments that support the health and well being of you, your family, your home and your business.

My favourite space clearing method is a white sage smudge stick. I often smudge my home and work spaces as well as my crystals and Tarot decks in use. I also burn incense and essential oils regularly – in particular frankincense, sandalwood or myrrh – not only because of their cleansing abilities but because they smell so good! Certain crystals either worn or placed in the environment can also help.

There is one other method I use for space clearing and that is a mist made up of flower essences. The mist is effective in balancing tense or unpleasant environments and in turn creates one which is sacred, safe and harmonious. It purifies and releases environments of built up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies. So, I find this particularly useful when performing Tarot readings, especially when working somewhere other than my usual reading environments or when I need to quickly clear negatives energies prior to performing another reading.

I used to purchase a mist made by Australian Bush Flower Essences but it has not been available for quite some time. So now I make up my own using their stock essences and it is easy to make. The mist is made up of the Australian bush flower essences Angelsword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Lichen and Red Lily. Angelsword provides clear spiritual communication and releases negatively held psychic energies. Boab helps release negative Karmic connections. Fringed Violet provides psychic protection, heals any damage to the aura and removes the effects of distressing events. Lichen releases earth bound energies. Red Lily helps you to be grounded, focused and in the present moment.

Here is what you need to make 100ml of Space Clearing Mist. Just combine in a clean atomiser and you’re ready to go. You can use it any time you feel the need to cleanse and balance the energies around you, not just when performing Tarot readings.

30ml brandy
60ml purified water
3-4 drops essential oil such as sandlewood
28 drops each of stock essences:
—Fringed Violet
—Red Lily

You may omit the brandy if you wish and replace it with an extra 30ml purified water, however this gives it a limited shelf life. With the inclusion of brandy the mist will last for about 2 years.

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.


2 Responses to Space Clearing Mist

  1. Helen says:

    I smiled when I read this post Stella, and I could imagine the beautiful floral scent that permeates the air. Your recipe sounds lovely.

    I must admit I never feel the need to do any of these things myself, the only ritual I have is to shuffle the cards after a reading to disperse the energy. Now I do burn essential oils during a reading, but usually I blend to relax the client. Maybe I’m lucky and I haven’t had any clients with negative energy around me but your tips are worth knowing just in case 😉

    • stella luna says:

      Hi Helen, fortunately I don’t feel the need to dispel negative energy too often, though there have been occasions where I’ve used the mist as a precautionary measure. I like using it around the home too 🙂

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