Tarot and Meditation

Tarot is an excellent tool for meditation. The archetypes and symbols on the cards resonate with both the conscious and subconscious minds and messages received through the meditation process can be useful in gaining clarity and insight. This process also provides an opportunity to become more intimate with the cards.


— Get to know the cards more intimately
— Form a relationship with the cards
— Become familiar with their symbols and archetypes
— Discover deeper meanings of the cards
— Access the subconscious
— Gain guidance
— Spiritual development


1. Select a deck that resonates, one where the artwork speaks to you.

2. Think about why you are doing the meditation.

3. Select a card. You may do this randomly or select a specific card that you either wish to get to know better or that addresses a particular issue. The Major Arcana are excellent for meditation though the Minor Arcana can also be used. You may like to work through the Major Arcana successively over time from The Fool to The World.

There are no rules. Here is a suggestion for a simple one card meditation practice. Feel free to experiment.


1. Get comfortable and make sure you feel relaxed. Take some deep breaths. Position the card so that you can see it clearly and easily.

2. For a minute or so study the card. Gaze at the imagery, the symbols, the colours.

3. Now close your eyes and try to recapture as much detail as you can in your mind. Do not force the process, just relax into it, take your time.

4. When you feel ready, open your eyes and look to see how your mental picture compared with the card itself. What was different, what did you omit? Where were you spot on?

5. Repeat this process again, several times if needed, until you capture a close representation of the card in your mind’s eye. Keeping your eyes closed contemplate what the card may be wanting to teach you at this time. What insight has it revealed? What thoughts come into your mind?

6. Gently open your eyes and take in the card once more. Make note of the insights you have gained from this experience. You may like to keep the card near you for the day. Reflect on the card and its lessons at a later time in the day or week. Additional insights may arise. You may like to journal this.


Firstly do steps 1-5 above.

6. Now things get more exciting. The frame of the card is to become a portal, a door, that you are about to step through. Remove any expectations from your mind. Now imagine yourself stepping into the card. In you go… How does it feel? It is warm or cold? Is it comfortable or threatening? Are there any sounds, smells?

7. You may be drawn to a character on the card, if there is one. If so and it feels comfortable you may like to approach that character and strike up a conversation with them. They may actually approach you first. You may merely be an observer. Take whatever time is needed. Are you offered a gift, some advice? Stay open to the possibilities.

8. When you are ready, thank them or say goodbye if it feels appropriate, then step back through the frame of the card until it once again becomes 2D in front of you. Relax and think about your meditation experience. What knowledge have you gained? Keeping a journal of your insights is useful.

Stella Luna © 2012 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.


2 Responses to Tarot and Meditation

  1. I really enjoy reading about various methods of working with the tarot. I’ve been involved in the Inner Guide Meditation by Edwin Steinbrecher for many years. It is an interesting approach to working with a guide, and the archetypes.


    • stella luna says:

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you got something from my post. I was not aware of the work of Edwin Steinbrecher… I did a google search and it looks like a book worth getting. Thanks for sharing!

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