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Lunar Cycles Reading

The phases of the moon not only influence the ocean’s tides but also affect us and our behaviours. Attuning ourselves to the moon’s powerful energies and working within its cycles enables us to work in tune with the ebb and flow of Universal energies. An understanding of the lunar cycles can help us to connect with and utilise their energies in our daily life.

The eight moon phases each lunar month, from new moon through to full and back again each carries its own particular theme and call to action. Working consciously with these enhances our manifestation power and growth.

This Lunar Cycles Reading is perfect if there is a particular goal or task you want to tackle, or a change you wish to implement in your life. I use the Tarot alongside the cyclical energies of the moon to shine light on your path and help provide direction. Moon cycle themes and dates are included in your reading. Open yourself up to the illuminating light of the moon and allow her goddess energy to work with you to bring your dreams into reality. This reading is delivered to your inbox as a PDF file and will be available until the end of May.



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