I take pride in offering genuine and relevant readings.
Please read a few testimonials from satisfied clients.

“I left our session with an overwhelming sense of having had a really nice time. A time where I was tapping into the matters of significance in my life. It was positive, nourishing and insightful. Highly recommend it!”

“I wanted to let you know how accurate your reading has proved to be! I have been offered a permanent full time role, and there was a bit of ‘shenanigans’ that went on, as you predicted. I was completely blown away when I remembered what your reading had said would happen and just how close it was to what actually did happen.”

“Yours was the first reading I’ve ever had. I was a bit nervous about what to expect but found the experience enlightening and rewarding. Your interpretation of the cards was very practical your advice on my current situation useful and down to earth. Thank you.”

“A few months ago I purchased a reading from you and little did I know it would be so accurate and be the beginning of a completely different life for me. Lots of change!”

“Stella used the tarot cards to explain the functionings of my present life, as has been affected by past and current events – she was “spot on”. Sometimes we have to reach outside of our usual communicative parameters to gain insight into the bleeding obvious, which can remain neglected or consciously denied. My reading was not an “epiphany”, but a consolidation of what I knew but had failed to comprehend effectively or honestly. Stella was the mediator of self realisation. Thank you Stella – I have initiated some plans based on our reading and so far, the outcomes have been pleasingly positive.”

“I can’t believe how accurate it all is!”

“Stella makes you feel immediately at ease. The environment is perfect and her ability to interpret the cards with your own input is a comfortable experience. Deciphering the cards together is a great experience and you walk away with a sense of satisfaction.”