What is Tarot?

Say “Tarot” and many people picture a colourful, yet inaccurate image of a gypsy fortune teller. It is a general misconception that Tarot readers are fortune tellers. This has not been helped by portrayals such as Jane Seymour in the movie Live and Let Die where she uses the Tarot to forecast the fate of James Bond. It is disappointing to realise that these stereotypical images have caused so much fear and superstition to be associated with such a valuable spiritual tool as the Tarot.

Tarot is not fortune telling. A Tarot reading does not predict the future. The Tarot is best known as a divination tool and what Tarot readings can do is help us to understand influences that are at work in our lives at that present moment. The Tarot acts like a mirror that reflects our inner selves back to us, making the unconscious conscious. Consulting the Tarot is a way of bringing these two planes of consciousness together. Tarot has been used since the mid-fifteenth century to reveal these hidden truths.

The story that unfolds in a Tarot reading gives us insight into our lives and presents a forum for self-exploration and understanding. A Tarot reading can provide insight into past influences and our present situation, and reveal possible outcomes rather than concrete visions of the future. The future is certainly not set in stone. If it was, there would be little point knowing what it held for us.

Destiny is in our own hands. We are all given free will to change our future by our own conscious choices, and as a result we are able to change any possible outcome foreseen in a Tarot reading, should it not be the most desirable one. We can embrace or change it as we wish. The information gleaned in a Tarot reading can be used to make conscious choices about future behaviour. There is great strength in the realisation that we all have the power to make changes in our lives whenever they are necessary. This is very empowering.

How does Tarot work?

The Tarot acts like a mirror, providing an image of us at that point in time by reflecting our conscious and unconscious desires, actions and goals. This makes the Tarot a very useful tool for self-understanding. As a divination tool, Tarot provides insight into the energies surrounding us at that given time. The word ‘divination’ means ‘to divine’. Tarot is a bridge that connects us with divine energies, the spiritual dimension of the universe, and to what is known as the collective unconscious. A Tarot deck is divided into the Major Arcana, representing universal archetypes, and the Minor Arcana, representing everyday aspects of existence. These profound universal symbols and archetypes provide us with a symbolic language with which to communicate with the divine. A Tarot reading provides us with in–sight that enables us to make conscious choices about our future.

Do the cards predict the future?

Tarot cannot predict the future; only we can create it. Predicting the future is impossible because the future is a malleable event. A Tarot reading reveals possibilities rather than certainties. The only thing that is certain about life is that nothing is certain.

A projected outcome in a Tarot reading provides information about the direction in which we are headed, should everything continue on the current path. This can either be a confirmation we are on the right path or a warning of a potentially less desirable situation we can then choose to avoid by exercising our free will. We have the ability and responsibility to control our destiny and create our own future. Fate is what we make it.

What influence can Tarot have on my life?

Tarot, as I have discovered, has the potential to be a profound journey of self-discovery. Tarot readings provide a higher level of self-awareness. We are able to go deep within ourselves and access our own inner wisdom, our own in–sight into who we truly are. By embracing these truths we can then make clearer and wiser choices that will enable us to determine the best approach to a particular issue, situation or even life itself, and to pursue the quality of life we truly desire. By incorporating the lessons we learn from the Tarot into our day-to-day lives we become empowered and more in control of our own life’s journey; our life becomes more precious, it becomes our own.

What is your role as a Tarot reader?

I see myself as a guide, the Tarot is the map and the cards are the signposts. I can show you where you have come from, where you are and where you seem to be headed. A Tarot reading might suggest what could happen if you continue along a certain path, but it is then up to you to decide if that’s where you want to go.

I won’t tell you what to do, that you should or should not break up with your partner, or change jobs. My aim is to give you fresh insight and awareness into your situation and your behaviour, which will hopefully provide the inspiration and courage to move toward the destination you most desire.

Is my reading confidential?

Definitely! I follow the same guidelines regarding confidentiality as any other professional. I provide my Tarot services with honesty and integrity and abide by a strict code of ethics.