RS11 Wrap-up

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to make the trip to New York for RS11. Readers Studio is organised by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of The Tarot School and they did a mighty fine job! Tarot lovers from around the globe came together to savour all that was on offer. And what an offering!

Things kicked off with a trip into Manhattan for dinner. I had a fabulous night with a wonderful group of gals, Theresa Reed, Catherine Chapman, Barbara Moore, Lisa Novak, Beth Palladino and two ladies who also made the trip from Oz, Linda and Annie from the Tarot Guild of Australia.

The first presentation was The Forty Faces of Love, by Wald and Ruth Ann. The 40 pip cards were presented in terms of 40 visions of love and we worked together to expand on these interpretations. Kabbalistic titles and numerological associations were also thrown into the mix. This added even more depth to the exercise.

I then had time to browse the Merchant Faire where there were tables laden with Tarot delights. With so much to tempt me it was inevitable that I would come home with many Tarot goodies including Tarot decks from The Tarot Garden, beautiful hand made Tarot bags by Patty Demant, a silk reading cloth, magic candles from Coventry Creations and wares from Ciro Marchetti.

Friday was an action packed day. An overview of the instructors and content was presented before a delicious buffet lunch that sustained me throughout the afternoon as I took in the astrological knowledge of Corrine Kenner. Corrine presented her material effortlessly and it was supplemented by an outstanding and thorough handout that I will refer to again and again. We each explored our own birth charts and the associations of our Sun, Moon and Ascendants with their relative Tarot Cards. This process is something that has been of interest to me in recent times and I am keen to explore my complete astrological chart in this way.

After a break for dinner there was an opportunity to have a Tarot reading from a selection of Tarot greats or attend one of the excellent study groups on offer. Along with many others I opted this evening to take part in some excellent informal discussions that went on well into the night.

Saturday I was glad I had had a little sleep as the pace continued. Mary Greer presented a breakfast roundtable and then the first class commenced. Barbara Moore gave an entertaining and informative presentation on creating Tarot spreads. I had the pleasure of working with Paul Nagy for this exercise and I look forward to receiving the collection of spreads Barbara is compiling from the class! After a break for lunch Caitlin Matthews presented her class on significators. She broadened our outlook on this technique by discussing many alternate approaches, some of which we put into practice throughout the workshop. Her presentation was great and there is one thing she said that has stuck in my mind … “Tarot readers are not in the core of society, we are on the edge. We are on the edge so that when people run toward it they find us”… Love it!

A short break and then back to the ballroom for the Dinner Banquet. Many attendees dressed in Tarot costume and there was a real buzz in the room. A great night which didn’t end there… More readings, more study groups and more great Tarot discussion that went into the wee hours of the morning.

The final day and readings were revisited, James Wells conducted an Inquiry Circle, announcements were made and certificates presented. Ruth Ann gave away the remaining freebies that had been up for grabs throughout the conference and then, sadly, it was time to say goodbye to many beautiful people. For those of us who stayed on, we were able to hold onto the experience just a little longer before falling into bed, exhausted but happy.

The highlight for me was the chance to mingle with so many wonderful Tarot peeps … The social aspect of the conference was just as rewarding as the content … the ballroom, corridors and bar were always buzzing with great conversation, impromptu readings and really fun times. Many pleasant memories are etched into my mind.

It is impossible to give justice to the enormity of RS11 in these few words. Thank you Ruth Ann and Wald, for presenting such a spectacular event. I hope I can get back again before too long!


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