Devil Affirmations

We are conditioned to repress our shadows and there the struggle begins. When we then act ‘undesirably’ we experience guilt and self-loathing. This in turn can lead to dependencies, addictions and other self-destructive habitual behaviours, which results in more shame and self-loathing, and so it goes. It’s a vicious cycle.

In Tarot, The Devil is often depicted as Pan, the horny god of goats and shepherds and of sexuality and untamed passion. The Devil asks us to recognise the dark side of our personality, our shadow, and bring it to the light; to integrate it into our lives in a healthy manner. We are asked to release our self-inflicted chains of bondage either through negative belief systems or imprudent desires; to release obsessions with materialism and to reconnect with the Divine.

The Devil is a master of illusion, he does not hold us there, there are no chains, at least not from any external forces. There are only the chains we have forged ourselves and we can remove them any time we wish.

And today is as good a day as any! There is great release once what is being repressed is identified. If you are living in your own private hell it is time to step into the light. What fears, doubts or negative beliefs are holding you back? What situations or relationships are you in that are unhealthy or unproductive? Is there something that you are obsessed by or addicted to that is bad for you? You have the power to set yourself free!

These affirmations may help you release the chains. Choose the one that best suits your situation.

“I acknowledge and confront my shadow — my repressed desires, my inner demons — so that I may integrate them into my life in a healthy manner.”

“I disassociate myself from toxic relationships and situations that no longer serve me.”

“I acknowledge my addiction and now work to overcome it, knowing the universe will reward me with great opportunities and growth.”

“I leave negative and destructive obsessions behind and replace them with thoughts and actions that are nurturing and provide me with a sense of pride.”

“I acknowledge my connection with the Divine, and all that is.”

“I release the chains of bondage that limit my growth and move forward from this moment with a sense of relief and renewed excitement. Opportunities now seem endless.”

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.


One Response to Devil Affirmations

  1. Helen says:

    I like what you have written here, but sometimes I also think it would be nice if we saw the other side to the Devil to, he is committed to what he does, so some of his energy could help us commit to that project in order to see it through. Also the Devil has an energy that can be life saving for us in difficult times, times when we are required to behave or act in a way we would not normally do. Like in physically defending ourself or our country in war situations. His energy is that instinct to save ours or our loved ones life – so he is not all bad all the time eh.

    Nice post enjoyed reading it.

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