Tower Affirmations

A bolt of lightning strikes the Tower and it is reduced to rubble. The occupants are thrown into the waters below…

As the only man made structure in the Major Arcana, The Tower represents structures we build ourselves. Some structures are false and become restrictive and imprisoning. The Tower tears down these structures to make room for new ones. A Tower experience comes suddenly and violently and change is immediate and very disorienting.

There is often a catalyst or outside influence which instigates the change, or it could come about through our own consciousness. Either way, the lightning flash is a wake up call. It is a sudden glimpse of the truth, a shocking revelation, a realisation that all is not as it seems or should be. The Tower shatters the foundations of the status quo. Belief systems, attitudes, behaviours and false attachments are brought into question.

Although frightening and traumatic, a Tower experience is liberating and necessary as new structures can be rebuilt on truth.

Are you coming to terms with change? Are you undergoing a major shift in consciousness? Are you beginning to see something differently? Are you bound by a false image? Are you stuck in a rut? Do your beliefs no longer serve you?

These affirmations may help liberate you from restrictive structures. Choose the one that best suits your situation.

“I see the truth and accept that change must take place in order to free myself from an unhealthy situation.”

“I accept changes to the status quo and although painful I am willing to take these steps for positive personal transformation and personal freedom.”

“I now look at my life honestly and am committed to bring about positive change and renewal.”

“I am true to myself in everything I do. I release habits, attitudes and defences that no longer serve me.”

“I release myself from illusion. I question my beliefs and break down structures of ignorance, lies and false reasoning.”

Stella Luna © 2010 The Tarot Reader. All rights reserved.


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