August 2011


ARIES ~ The Fool

August should be a happy, playful month that finds you more spontaneous and willing to take risks. You are likely to experience a variety of activities and interests with great enthusiasm. There is the danger of taking this to the extreme, being over-confident that nothing can go wrong. Foolhardy behaviour must be avoided.   …………..

TAURUS ~ The Empress

Your living and working conditions are a focus this month and you will be looking at ways to improve your surroundings either through renovation, fittings or relocation. You may spend on items that bring luxury, comfort and beauty to your home. Your domestic life provides fun and pleasure. Self-expression comes to the fore.        ……………………….

GEMINI ~ 3 of Cups

What matters to you now is the closeness of bonds and ties with those you care about and you are eager to maintain them. Essentially, you are quite companionable now. Communications move to a more personal and intimate level and you value the exchange of ideas, beliefs and innermost thoughts. It’s easier than usual for you to communicate with others directly and effectively.

CANCER ~ 7 of Wands

You are able to stand your ground and assert yourself more than usual this month. And that works in your favour as this is a time when you need to stand by your beliefs and convictions. You may be assisted or challenged by the circumstances in which you find yourself or by others. Either way your positive attitude gives you the ability to move your plans forward.

LEO ~ Queen of Wands

It’s a time for an honest and objective self-assessment of your health, career, relationships and assets and to implement positive action wherever there is need for improvement. You are likely to work to enhance your physical appearance and mannerisms. Others will notice and admire your more delightful, compassionate and attractive qualities.

VIRGO ~ 3 of Pentacles

Group activities and joint efforts are the best way to accomplish your goals right now. In fact, you have all sorts of ideas about what you want to do. You are able to organise projects and get things in shape. It’s easier than usual for you to make quick decisions, communicate with others directly and effectively, and to make serious progress in any projects or mental work.

LIBRA ~ 2 of Wands

Your ambitions comes to the fore along with a desire to be noticed and acknowledged for your achievements. This can be a good time to start a business venture if other factors are favourable. Events taking place now will have a great bearing on your future. It is a time when great progress can be made and personal recognition achieved.  …………..

SCORPIO ~ King of Pentacles

Your vision is practical right now, and you like to see tangible results for your efforts. Recognition, rewards, greater power and prestige, even your assets are enhanced. Helping people makes you feel good and you are generous with your time and expertise. Hard work continues, but you find it exciting. You are doing the ground work for future glory in both financial and domestic life.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Knight of Wands

You have a taste for the unusual and the spirit to match. Long-distance and foreign connections, exchange and trade are favoured. There could be favourable relations with foreigners if you are travelling this month. If a romance were to begin now, it is possible to be with someone from a different cultural background or someone you meet through travel.

CAPRICORN ~ Knight of Pentacles

You feel grounded and stable. It’s easy to focus on a particular assignment and make headway. Productivity may be slow, but it’s steady. The go-getting side of your persona comes to the fore. You may find yourself in a position of responsibility. There is also a focus on money matters this month. To avoid debt don’t be careless, make sure you do your homework.

AQUARIUS ~ 10 of Wands

This may be an especially busy time. You tend to work hard and your day-to-day responsibilities will demand more attention. Perhaps you have a larger workload than usual. You may become irritable as a result of your increased responsibilities. Working with others in a pleasant manner could become difficult, and disputes with co-workers are possible.

PISCES ~ Knight of Cups

You enjoy expeditions to dream lands and fantasy kingdoms. As a result, you tend to procrastinate in your duties and responsibilities. It’s easy to get lost in the flight of the imagination at this time, as you feel rather aimless and less able to face everyday realities. Your imagination is stimulated, and you benefit from activities and entertainments that are creative and out the ordinary.


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