September 2011


ARIES ~ King of Pentacles

Work is your focus this month. You will be striving towards increased job-satisfaction and employment benefits and have the ability to initiate projects for future gain. You seek distinction and strive towards perfection in your work. Efficiency should be your goal now. Your co-operative, caring manner makes you inclined to treat others well and brings success in both work and domestic life.

TAURUS ~ Knight of Cups

Love is in the air. This is a time to love and be loved. You’re in a passionate mood and if you presently do not have a lover be sure to make yourself attractive and allow yourself to be pursued. You are more playful right now and have a strong desire to enjoy life. Creative self-expression of any kind is especially fulfilling and is favoured at this time.

GEMINI ~ 4 of Pentacles

There is a risk of succumbing to impulse buying and extravagance in general. Over-extending yourself through overspending should be avoided right now. Setbacks in earning potential are possible. Building reliable financial resources should be a focus. You may exert extra energy to secure whatever you feel you have earned or deserve.                …….

CANCER ~ Knight of Swords

Friendships are important to you more than ever now. You enjoy the communication and value the exchange of ideas and personal beliefs. You stand up for what you believe in but should take care not to rush to debate for the sake of argument, bullying others in the process. You may feel particularly lively and assertive at this time but could tend to be somewhat aggressive and have a short temper.

LEO ~ Knight of Pentacles

Financial matters are a focus. Anxiety about money could lead to greater care in handling money matters. Don’t try for fast cash or the quick buck. Good moves for both immediate financial needs and future gains have to be well thought out. Use caution and restraint when dealing with any financial transactions and move ahead sensibly.    …….

VIRGO ~ 3 of Pentacles

Self-love blossoms. You start to really appreciate your personal worth and experience a boost in self-esteem as a result. Your receptivity opens up and romantic matters come to the fore. You are likely to pay closer attention to the enhancement of your physical appearance and mannerisms and project yourself more confidently to the world.                 …….

LIBRA ~ 5 of Swords

You are intent on pushing forward in your career however don’t let your enterprising nature get interpreted as aggressiveness or insensitivity. Conflicts are possible. There could be some rivalry and any hard feelings generated could give you a sense of being confined and restricted. It might be a good idea to maintain a low profile and be less vocal.

SCORPIO ~ 3 of Cups

Your desire to make contact with others is high. You reach out to people with warmth and friendship. Those who please you in terms of your ideas and ideals will be the ones you most interact with. In fact, you may join a club, group or gathering of like-minded people. If a romance were to begin now, it is possible to provide a strong sense of companionship but may lack intensity.

SAGITTARIUS ~ 6 of Wands

A sense of pride and satisfaction comes through your vocation. Recognition and rewards are further enhanced. Public recognition of your worth and abilities is most likely to bring with it added responsibility or advancement. Optimism and confidence run high at this time. You are coming across well at work now. Your enthusiasm shows and assistance comes easily.

CAPRICORN ~ 2 of Cups

You work to forge new alliances and partnerships. It may even be that you find yourself needing someone’s assistance to accomplish your objectives. Existing relationships are lively with both conflicts and reconciliations. In close personal relationships it is important to be aware of what you and your partner want from the relationship and to communicate each others needs.

AQUARIUS ~ Ace of Wands

There is electricity in the air at this time. There may be excitement at the prospect of starting a new project or some long delayed matters may get the go-ahead. You are passionate about meeting exciting challenges head-on. This is an energetic month and you tend to be more spontaneous. You take the initiative to make needed changes and could make some important strides forward.

PISCES ~ The Empress

This month brings a desire to find creative expression through hobbies, activities with children and romantic outlets. There are close ties with loved ones and an overall feeling of both togetherness and contentment. You are more social and playful than usual, and especially magnetic. Should circumstances allow, a new romance or even a series of romances is quite possible.


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